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Moss Creek Marines

Roll Call

The Moss Creek Marines 2023 Officers

Music: Marine’s Hymn, by The United States Marine Corps Band.

Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

Financial Officer


Operations Officer

Information Officer

Mark Bone

Alan Calderon

Ty Giesemann

Joe Gibbons



The Moss Creek Marines

Semper Fidelis

George Barnes
Sgt. “55-59”
Alan Calderon
Cpl. “68-74”
Charles Gray
Col. “89-14”
Bill Mott
Sgt. “54-58”

Dave Porter

LCpl. “68-70”


Joe Redgate

Cpl. “74-77”


Earl Smith

Capt. “67-76”


Rich Ulrich

Cpl. “59-65”








Mark Bone
Sgt. “75-79”

Joe Gibbons

Sgt. “65-71”
Bob Johnson
Sgt. “53-56”

Julius Nicolai

Maj. “58-61”


Terry Putnam

Cpl. “59-65”


Michael Scholtz

Capt. USN “79-11”


Jake Thomas

Corpsman “06-10”


Paul Wood

Cpl. “59-65”





Associate Members

Amy Amos

Dee Calderon

Loretta Garreau

Ty Giesemann

Jean Porter

Carole Burnham

Dan Fazekas

Elizabeth Garreau

John Kursawe