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Moss Creek Marines

Adopt A Combat Unit

“Operation Adopt A Combat Unit”

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To date the Moss Creek Marines have raised thousands of dollars through various events held and donations received.

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The Moss Creek Marines have adopted more then 33,765 Marines

in 78 Marine combat units serving over seas in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.


In total the Moss Creek Marines have shipped thousands of packages to our

brothers and sisters serving our country unselfishly with pride and distinction.


The packages sent to adopted units are items requested by the individual unit,

and include things like personal hygiene items, beef jerky, baby wipes, phone cards,

sporting goods, even X-Boxes, etc.

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The Moss Creek Marines is a registered tax deductible 501(c)(3) corporation, you can make a secure tax deductible contribution with 100% of that contribution going to show your 

support of our troops, by making a donation below. Show your appreciation for the service of our fine young men and women serving our country,


For more information on our 501(c)(3) registration, please Click Here

If you have a loved one, or know of someone serving in a Marine Corps combat unit, or has served in a Marine combat unit, the Moss Creek Marines are always looking to help brother and sister Marines.

Thank You!!

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