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Moss Creek Marines

Fun Raiser

Thank You To All Our Friends And Supporters

For Making Our 2021 Tournaments A Success.

Highlights of the 2019 Tennis & Golf Tournament may be viewed below.

Why We Do This

The Moss Creek Marines are committed to making life improvements for our deployed troops and seriously injured Marines and their families, through our “Helping Heros” and “Adopt A Combat Unit” programs and various other programs sponsored by the Moss Creek Marines. “Helping Heroes” supports our Heros by supplying items such as Service Dogs, Special equipment, and services neither the VA nor the Department of Defense provide. “Adopt A Combat Unit” was our initial flagship program to support deployed Marines in harm’s way, by sending them items that entertain, provide personal hygiene, and to let them know we support them back home. With combat operations now just about finished for the time being this program is basically  suspended until such time as it may be needed. However, the need continues for our wounded Marines and their families. While there has been some claims that the VA will now pay for these service dogs. While this is basically true, it is on a very limited trial basis setup for evaluation, with no given end date to the completion of the evaluation. Thus we continue to work and support this worthy cause as long as there is a need. In addition we have now started to work in other areas where we can do the most good, such as Scholarships for Marines and Marine’s dependents, programs designed to ease the burden of war such as specialized horseback riding sessions, Camp Corral, Private Peppers Lonely Hearts Club designed to give new recruits the ability to talk to family on graduation day when family cannot make it to Paris Island, just to name a few. While our scope of operations changes, our commitment to help and aid our young Marines has not.


Much of the money raised by the Moss Creek Marines to fund these programs, come from conducting a golf and tennis tournaments each year and we are proud to say that 2019 (our last full scale tournaments), again was an overwhelming success  for these programs. So, to all the people and organizations who participated, and the sponsors of our 2019 tournaments , the

Moss Creek Marines


Thank You!!!

To all donors and sponsors for their loyal suport and a

Special Thank You to Jackie & Paul Riggins

for their support and generosity to the Moss Creek Marines all

year long each and every year.

We hope to see all of you again in 2023.

15th Annual Tennis Tournament will be held XX November 2023

15th Annual Golf Tournament will be held XX November 2023

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Please see what all the commotion is about. Highlights of the 2019 Golf and Tennis Tournaments. 

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