Moss Creek Marines 9/11/2020 Patriots Day Ceremony

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Music: Semper Fidelis by The United States Marine Corps Band


 By way of introduction, the Moss Creek Marines are a small group of Marine Veterans; Navy/Marine Corpsmen, and spouses of deceased Marines based in the Moss Creek community of Hilton Head Island, SC, Our intent is keeping the esprit d’ corps of the United States Marine Corps alive and supporting our fellow Marines in Harm's Way.

"Operation Adopt A Combat Unit" was the Moss Creek Marines initial effort to support our Marines in harm’s way in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria,  bringing a little bit of home and comfort to the front. To date we have raised thousands of dollars through various events held and donations received with 100% of that money going to more than 33,000 Marines in 77 Marine combat units. While we now look to different ways we can serve our Marines, this initiative will continue as long as needed.

 "Operation Helping Heroes" is the newest undertaking of the Moss Creek Marines. With the longest wars in history finally coming to an end, the Moss Creek Marines is turning its attention from the front to the home front. Our efforts will now focus on raising funds to aid and honor the service of Marines who have been deployed in combat and paid a devastating price for our freedom. I am speaking of our wounded and their families, and the families of those that paid the ultimate price

It is with great pride that we undertake this new mission, and hope that you will support our efforts to reach out to these wounded warriors and their families, to assist with the necessities they now require to try and cope with the new challenges they have been presented with.


                                                                                Semper Fidelis!! 
                                                                               (Always Faithful) 

                                                                                  Alan Calderon

                                                                            Commanding Officer

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"Operation Adopt A Combat Unit"

100% Of All Funds Raised Go To Our Troops

The Moss Creek Marines is a registered tax deductable 501(c)(3) corporation, you can make a secure tax deductable contribution with 100% of that contribution going to show your support of our troops, by simply clicking the Donate button below. For more information on our 501(c)(3) registration, please      click here to contact us.




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