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The Work Of The Moss Creek Marines

So Many horrific tragedies occur in warfare. Loss of limbs, eyesight, musculoskeletal injuries and of course Death. While technological innovations, in body armor and explosion-resistant vehicles significantly reduced the number and intensity of IED attacks, they still happen in record numbers attributed in part by the length of the war. In addition to these visible, experienced, wounds. The recognition of what has occurred in the past, also includes wounds like Shell Shock, Battle Fatigue, etc. as casualties not given as much attention,  as the others. This is because they were thought to be mostly, illegitimate and shameful. Over  the past 20 years much has been done to overcome the stigma of these conditions as well as treatment to mitigate them. This has lead to overwhelming recognition of them as real, but invisible, or hidden wounds.


With new names and new research they, i.e. PTSD, TBI and MST are out in the open, but still considered to be “The invisible wounds” and are as bad as all the physical injuries, leading to extremely high suicide rates and homelessness  among veterans. In the meantime, the US government agencies talk about ethically permissible protocols.


One such non permissible, but effective protocol, is the use of Therapy Dogs, but someone has to pay for these highly trained dogs, which the average cost of a well trained dog is approximately   $25,000.00. The Moss Creek Marines with your help, has so far contributed to the placement of over 65 dogs with veterans with these invisible wounds, and it is amazing to see the results that this program shows, so far, and the US Government  has yet to endorse. Your help with this urgently important program is needed. Please help us help those who make little income, come back to a productive  life. You can see more on this program in our “Operation Helping Heroes” page.

No matter where our Marines go, The Moss Creek Marines will ensure that they have the support from back home through our “Operation Adopt A Combat Unit”. This program, is the first program The Moss Creek Marines under took after their beginning in 2006. Between then and the end of the Afghanistan War on Terror the Moss Creek Marines have brought comfort and support from back home to more then 32,400 Marines in 77 combat units. You can see more on this program in our “Operation Adopt A Combat Unit” page.

In addition to these other worthwhile programs, the Moss Creek Marines support many other programs, both local and across the country, that will benefit Marines and Corpsmen. These include but not limited to, Scholarships for Marines and their families, Private Peppers program so Marines graduating from Parris Island and their family members can not attend, phones are made available to call home, all in conjunction with the Parris Island Spouse’s Club.  Families experiencing difficulties  such as when the hurricane did severe damage in coastal North Carolina, Marines living in the area received cash cards to buy supplies to get them through  or to assist a Marines family with burial expenses for the Marine. Camp Corral, a place where children can experience learning and fun again especially during deployments. Working with Marine Corps Community Services to lend support wherever it is needed to provide families with  needed and comfort items. For example the Moss Creek Marines acquired furniture for Marines having to leave their barracks during renovations. These are just some of the projects that have been screened and implemented to provide support for those we call Brothers and Sisters, who put it on the line for very limited compensation,  while others are well compensated and never serve their country.